Inverge faced the challenge of creating a brand identity that resonated with a diverse user base, including brands, retailers, and dropshippers.

The objective was to craft a cohesive brand that effectively communicated its ability to streamline complex retail processes while catering to the varied needs of its users.


The solution to Inverge's branding challenge was a creative and strategic approach that involved segmenting the brand's identity to speak distinctly to each of the three key user personas.

This was achieved through the use of specific colors, illustrations, and language tailored to each group.

This multi-pronged approach allowed Inverge to effectively demonstrate the versatility and adaptability of its platform, catering to the unique needs of brands, retailers, and dropshippers.

By creating separate yet harmonious visual and communicative elements, the rebranding positioned Inverge as a versatile, all-encompassing solution provider in the retail management landscape.


Strategy & Creative Direction
Sharif El Komi

Osama Abuzid
Amira Osama

Sharif El Komi

Illustration Consultant
Abdullah Moatasem

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