HeyGov, a GovTech company, needed a brand identity that stood out in the traditionally conservative govtech space with a sense of fun and quirkiness.

The aim was to create a memorable and approachable brand that appealed to municipal clerks, offering simplicity and efficiency in their work tools.


The strategy for HeyGov hinged on effectively narrating the story of how HeyGov seamlessly integrates into municipal operations, simplifying payment processes for everyone involved.

The use of delightful illustrations and bright colors balanced with white space and clear iconography set the stage for the brand's visual expression.

This approach was a reflection not just of the brand's unique offerings, but also of its internal team culture: professional, yet fun and quirky.

Throughout the process, the HeyGov team played a pivotal role, ensuring that the new brand identity was a true representation of their ethos and vision.

The brand has been met with enthusiastic reception, resonating well with both the target audience of clerks and potential investors. The feedback underscored the success of the brand in standing out in the govtech market, with its design and character being particularly appreciated for its uniqueness and appeal.


Strategy & Creative Direction
Sharif El Komi

Osama Abuzid
Amira Osama
Hoda Khalifa

UI/UX Design
Amira Osama
Moemin Mamdouh

Abdullah Moatasem
Hoda Khalifa

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