DataDocks, a specialized dock scheduling tool, faced the challenge of lacking a distinct brand identity, which limited its market presence.

The goal was to rejuvenate the brand to appeal to its target audience of experienced upper management professionals, blending modernity with established reliability to create a compelling and relevant identity.


In addressing this challenge, the approach was to forge an identity that echoed the strengths of late 20th-century brands, known for their robust and clear visual communication.

This direction led to the adoption of strong, impactful typography and an illustration style that leaned towards realism over stylization or romanticism. This strategy was aimed at striking a chord with the mature, experienced demographic of the target audience, while also ensuring the brand stood out in the crowded SaaS market.

Throughout this transformative journey, the DataDocks team played an integral role, ensuring that the new brand identity not only aligned with their vision but also effectively represented the core values and strengths of their service.

The collaborative process helped in crafting a brand that was authentic to DataDocks and resonated well with both existing and potential clients.


Strategy & Creative Direction
Sharif El Komi

Art Direction
Osama Abuzid

Osama Abuzid
Hoda Khalifa

Hoda Khalifa
Maryam Ayman

Web Development
Ahmed Mansour

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